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"In West Dallas, amid development and demolition, a fight
to save a beloved community center

Written by Robert Wilonsky, City Columnist

"West Dallas residents say they want answers about
Bataan Community Center's future

Written by Obed Manuel, Report for America Corps Member/Staff Writer  








Beyond Baseball Closed

West Dallas Community Center

In Violation of City Code

After 83 years, Battan Community Center is in jeopardy of being permanently closed and sold.  Because of substandard conditions in the building, Beyond Baseball cannot pass inspection for the free meals that we serve our children. Beyond Baseball coordinates all events at the center and pays rent to the West Dallas Community Center Board. For months, the Board has ignored Beyond Baseball’s requests to fix roof leaks and to eliminate large patches of mold and mildew on the ceiling and walls. The Board is in violation of a City of Dallas Code Compliance order to fix the building’s problems by June 9.


Please attend our La Bajada Neighborhood Community Association Meeting to find out how you can help save our community center.


John Darjean

Founder, Beyond Baseball





West Dallas Community Center Board

Trying to Sell Our Community Center

Beyond Baseball is a proud partner of Rebuilding Together.


Extra special thanks to the Hunger Busters. Thanks for all the meals that you provide to Beyond Baseball in the West Dallas Community.

Please fill out the registration form and scan us a copy. Be sure to bring the original with you on your first visit. 


Beyond Baseball Senior Program

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